How To Delete Windows.old Windows 10 And Windows 7

How To Delete Windows.old Folder Windows 10 And Windows 7

How To Delete Windows.old Folder Windows 10 And Windows 7Installed new windows by replacing the first one? then you should know the folder Windows.old. It contains an older version of windows documents and windows files. This feature is really useful in various scenarios. But if you don’t need or already recovered the files you need then you should delete this folder. Windows.old folder has too much size like 16GB-22GB. So if you want to free up space you should delete this folder. but this folder will not go easily like SHIFT+Delete. You need to use Disk Cleanup utility to clean this folder fully. Remove windows.old folder Windows 10 and 7 have the same procedure. Except in Windows 7, you can find disk cleanup in Control panel. So follow post to delete Windows.old Windows 10 And Windows 7. you will also be able to delete windows.old windows 7.

Remove Windows old folder 2 - How To Delete Windows.old Windows 10 And Windows 7

In short, the Windows.old gives the ability to windows to roll back to the previous version. If you have stable build now you don’t need to roll back. Then these files in windows.old folder is useless. same like windows10upgrade folder. Yes, you can also delete windows10upgrade folder by these steps. For these useless files I don’t want to get my drive full space. So let’s start the steps.

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Delete Windows.old Windows 10 And Windows 7:

  1. In Windows 10, Go to start and search for Disk Cleanup you should see the application Disk cleanup in the first result. For Windows 7 Go to control panel search in the upper right corner you should get the same Disk Cleanup.
  2. Now select the disk on which the Windows.old folder is located or windows10upgrade folder. whichever you want to delete.
  3. It will scan the temporary files, recycle bin and other stuff. Let the scan complete.
  4. Now new windows will open representing occupied space of all files scanned. Select clean system files and select the Drive on which the Windows.old folder is located.
  5. Remove Windows old folder 1 - How To Delete Windows.old Windows 10 And Windows 7
  6. It will show how much space is occupied by system files. Select the Previous Windows installation. Which has usually 16-22Gb size. Select it and click OK. For windows10upgrade to remove select upgrade files if it is there.
  7. The window will prompt to permanently delete the files, click OK. Wait for the process of deleting gets complete.

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That’s it, check your disk drive space after the process.  So this was all about Delete windows.old windows 10. You should see more space will be available on your hard disk drive.  If you like the post don’t forget to share it.

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