How To Move Taskbar Icons To Center In Windows 10

How To Move Taskbar Icons To Center In Windows 10

Move Taskbar Icons To Center In Windows 10Didn’t like the taskbar icons position? Do you want it in the center? then follow this post. Windows lets you put any icons in the taskbar for quick navigation. But in Windows 10 the icons are arranged from left to right. Windows 10 doesn’t allow the placement change of taskbar icons. Like in the MAC OS docks the icons are placed in the center so if you like that style you can move taskbar icons to center in Windows 10. Just follow the steps below you will have your taskbar icons centered.

As Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to move icons to center. There is a third party app called FALCON10 by which you can move taskbar icons to center in Windows 10. FALCON 10 is freeware developed specifically to center the icons in the taskbar. By using FALCON 10 you can center any app pinned or open taskbar center.

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Downloads Section:

Steps To Move Taskbar Icons To Center In Windows 10 using FALCON 10:

  1. Download the ZIP file from the above link and extract it. You will have two files.
  2. Just run the FALCON10.exe file, you will see the program running in Windows System Tray.
  3. Now double click on the system tray FALCON 10 Icon. It will open the program window.
  4. There you will get three options. Center Windows button, Move Taskbar Icons To Center, Hide Taskbar.
  5. Just use any of them as you need. Now move taskbar icons to center.

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