Make Windows 10 Cortana Use Google Search And Chrome

Make Windows 10 Cortana Use Google Search And Chrome

Cortana Use Google Search and Chrome - Make Windows 10 Cortana Use Google Search And ChromeCortana uses bing search and Microsft edge browser for further search. But you can make Cortana use Google Search and Chrome for search. This is a simple trick. As we all know the most popular search engine is Google nowadays. People are most familiar with the Google search so it will be useful if Cortana does the Google Search. Also, we know how the Microsoft Edge works, it a bit slower than Chrome. Many people use Chrome so it will be useful. So follow the post Make Windows 10 Cortana Use Google Search And Chrome.

Use Edge Deflector To make Cortana Use Google Chrome:

  1. Firstly, make sure Google Chrome is set to your default browser. If you didn’t set it as a default browser yet, then follow these steps.
  2. Open the settings app. Navigate to Apps–Default Apps now click on the browser which is already set to default. Mostly it will be Edge. Click on that and select Chrome.
  3. Now you have to download Edge Deflector from here. Install this application.
  4. Once it gets installed to make a search with Cortana and click the option with undertext SEARCH THE WEB.
  5. It will take some of the seconds and it will ask which browser you want to use for search. Select the Edge Deflector app and tick always use this app.
  6. Your searches will now open in your default browser. You set default browser as Chrome. So it will open the searches in the Chrome.
  7. In case it doesn’t get opened in Chrome, then go to default apps and click on Chrome and then on Manage. Here you can set Chrome default for everything.

Use Chrometana Extension For Google Search:

  1. We have already reverted the Edge to Chrome search. Now if you don’t want the bing search, then change it to Google Search. Follow the steps to change it.
  2. Download the CHROMETANA extension from the Chrome Web Store. Click on add to Chrome.
  3. After adding to Chrome it will open up the new page where you can select your default search engine.
  4. CHROMETANA provides 3 search engines searches. DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Google. So select Google search.
  5. So from now on Cortana will use Google Search for searching the web.

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