Download Mac OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution

Download Mac OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution

Download Mac OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers In High ResolutionMojave is the name of the next update to MAC OS. This update will bring the 10.14 version of MAC OS. MAC OS Mojave has lots of new features. The features of MAC OS Mojave we will discuss in this post. As the new features came the MAC OS Mojave stock wallpapers are also out now. Mojave is the official name of this new Mac OS update. The official release date will arrive in fall this year. Apple already announced MAC OS Mojave and public BETA should be out soon. So follow the post, Download Mac OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution.

MAC OS Mojave Features:

  1. Dark Mode:

Dark mode is the new feature of Mac OS Mojave. Though Windows 10 already had this feature for some time. But still, it will really look good on MAC OS. Night owls like me will benefit from this feature. 😀 On Windows, the Dark mode was not system-wide but now on MAC OS Mojave, it will be system-wide. Also, MAC OS Mojave will allow third-party apps to implement this dark mode feature.

dark mode macos mojave - Download Mac OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution

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2. More IOS Apps:

Like previous versions of MAC OS, the more iOS apps were included. Same will be in this new update. New and more iOS apps will be made available for MAC systems. The popular apps like Apple news, Home, Stocks, Voice memo will be available by default. Users will be able to enjoy all the iOS apps without depending on iPhone for playing in Apple’s home kit ecosystem.

3. Gallery View:

Mac OS Mojave has implemented this new feature called as a finder. This finder is same or you can call it as equivalent to windows explorer. The finder will have more features. It has gallery view mode. It allows a single image to dominate viewing area while all the rest files organized at the bottom. In this way, the documents selected will have their METADATA on the sidebar without the need of opening the new window.

4. Desktop Stacks:

If you are the person that throws all files on the desktop without properly organizing it, then this feature will save you. Desktop stacks feature will arrange all your thrown files in the type of files. Like examples, if you have pdf files, image files, then all PDF files will be stacked into one folder. All the image files will be stacked in the one folder. So your desktop will have a fewer file. Also, you will find your files more quickly and easily.

Desktop stacks - Download Mac OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers In High Resolution

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5. Markup and Screenshots and other features:

The markup feature will allow you to mark documents and even small changes in them. Then you can take screenshots by marking them up. There are many small or minor features which are added to MAC OS update. Some of the features are control over the permissions of websites. Controlling which apps can access your contacts, location, Photos, contacts, microphone etc. The MAC OS store design in redesigned and it looks like Apple’s iOS store. So now lets towards the wallpapers.

Mac OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers.

Mojave has 4 stock wallpapers included in the below ZIP File. MAC OS Mojave stock wallpapers are high in resolution. These walls will look good on your laptop or phone. So download them right now. If you like the post don’t forget to share it.

Download MAC OS Mojave Stock Wallpapers:

If you like the post don’t forget to share it.



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