How To Prevent Multiple Tabs Closing In Chrome Browser

How To Prevent Multiple Tabs Closing In Chrome Browser

How To Prevent Multiple Tabs Closing In Chrome BrowserUsually, we open too many tabs in the browser. At least about me, I have usually 7-8 tabs open every time for work or anything. I use chrome browser mostly, I tried the FireFox after the update to Firefox. But then I again started using Chrome browser. In Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer it gives warning when you are having more than one tabs and you are about to close the browser window. but in case of Chrome, it doesn’t give any warnings it just closes the whole browser.  I also faced this many times, as sometimes I mistakenly closed the browser window and all the tabs are gone just closed. It’s too much irritating sometimes so here are the steps to Prevent Multiple Tabs Closing In Chrome Browser.

Especially those people who use chrome on the desktop will know this pain. Accidently all tabs get closed. It doesn’t matter you have 7 or 17 tabs it will get closed for sure. So I was just searching for the solution, I found it on Google Forums. Also, there is restore session option you can use to restore the tabs that were you using earlier.

Steps To Prevent Multiple Tabs Closing In Chrome Browser:

  1. You can use the link given and open it in your Chrome. LINK
  2. After you open above link and continue your work. If you hit the close button of the browser accidentally, it will ask for confirmation about the page you opened.
  3. So in this way you get the indication of closing the browser. If you want to create your own this type of link then do steps.
  4. Copy the code in your own HTML page, and use your own link.
<script>window.onbeforeunload = function() { return "You are closing all tabs!"; }</script>

This method includes restoring your previous sessions. If you accidentally close chrome and tabs. You can do the following steps.

First by using shortcut keys:

  1. Open your Chrome browser and then press CTRL+SHIFT+T simultaneously. It will restore the tabs you were on earlier.
  2. BUT this is limited to one session only.

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Second by using Session Buddy:

Session buddy is a Chrome extension which comes in handy when you need to store the sessions. Session buddy will store the sessions you were on earlier. Then you can open any session stored in Session buddy.

  1. Get this extension from this LINK.
  2. Install this extension. It will appear on top right of your Chrome Browser.

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