How To Book JIO Phone Online And Offline On August 24 Launch

How To Book JIO Phone Online And Offline On August 24 Launch

How To Book JIO Phone Online And Offline On August 24 LaunchJIO made a revolution in internet data in India. JIO beat each every other network operator in terms of everything. They setup towers firstly in remote areas then JIO revealed its main aim. JIO provided cheap data at free of cost till 6 months in India. Later then Also they provided unlimited data at 300-500rs where other operators were giving 1GB data for a whole month at the same price!! Just before a month ago Jio made another revolutionary move as the CEO Mukesh Ambani revealed JIO Phone. Everyone went crazy after the launch surely this phone will disrupt the market of feature phone in India. Many people still have doubt to for booking so here is some info to keep you updated. How To Book JIO Phone Online And Offline On August 24 Launch.

JIO Phone Trials:

On the Independence Day of India Jio will release JIO Phone for testing. This phone will be available for only specific peoples. In general, we will get to book this mobile on August 24. The booking procedure we will discuss in this post. Remember, the phone will be given in the September month. We are going to experience a lot of rush on August 24. As the mobile will be given on the first come first serve basis. We will discuss on How To Book Jio Phone.

How To Book The Jio Phone:

  • FOR Online Booking:

For the online booking of JIO Phone, you need My Jio app on August 24. You can pre-book the JIO Phone from the App. Till then you can sign up on Official JIO website HERE You need Aadhar Card Number for getting the mobile as it is now compulsory for getting the SIM. For business owners, PAN card, Aadhar Card and GSTN Number will be needed. After registering on the given website you will get an Email. On the launch date, you will receive SMS or email regarding the launch.

JIO Phone booking 24 August - How To Book JIO Phone Online And Offline On August 24 Launch

  • FOR Offline Booking:

If you don’t have access to the My Jio app, then you can head to JIO offline stores. JIO DXMINI stores will be available for booking. Go to the store on the August 24 and fill the required details.

NOTE: The phone will be given in the September Month

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Why So Much Hype And Excitement:

The data prices in the India was too costly. Operators literally were looting the customers. 300rs for 1GB whole month. After JIO entered the game is changed. Now at the same price, we are getting daily 1GB data for 28 or 56 Days. So absolutely there is gonna be hype and rush for sure. Peoples are excited t get the hands on JIO Feature phone.

JIO Phone - How To Book JIO Phone Online And Offline On August 24 Launch

Mukesh Ambani CEO announced this phone will be free!! Just you have to deposit the 1500rs for 3 years and you will get them back. Surely there is gonna be too much excitement. This phone surely I mean surely worth the 1500rs.

JIO Phone Features:

Jio phone is a feature phone with smart features. You will get many benefits by purchasing this mobile.  It has a 2.4-inch display.  With the first time ever voice recognition features in the feature phone. It has NFC sensor too…DAMN!! Jio phone you can connect to TV to watch your channels.  It has a battery of 2000mAh which is enough for this feature phone. There will be the 2MP camera for recording. There will be 4GB internal storage!! It supports JIO 4G Volte you will get an unlimited voice calls lifetime.  JIO Phone supports 22 languages and has an NFC and voice command feature.

Hope you find How To Book Jio Phone information helpful.  All the best for booking of JIO Phone:D surely no doubt millions of JIO phone will be sold. If you like the post don’t forget to share it!!

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