Fix Black Screen Bug On iOS 10 Update (Working Method)

Fix Black Screen Bug On iOS 10 Update

Fix Black Screen Bug On iOS 10 Update (Working Method)As always there is something issue after Apple provides a major update. Same happened with the IOS 10 update. The black screen issue was experienced in the IOS 10 update. Also, after some days of usage, their iPhone gets frozen or stopped. The spinning screen black screen appears on the screen. Users on official forums also reported the same issue. So follow the post, Fix Black Screen Bug On iOS 10 Update (Working Method).

User posted the screenshots of their issue on Apple official forums.

Black screen bug on IOS 10 169x300 - Fix Black Screen Bug On iOS 10 Update (Working Method)

So the same user came up with a solution and it was like this, Follow the steps carefully if you too are having the familiar issue.

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  1. Disconnect the power source whether it is charging or anything.
  2. Shut down your iPhone by pressing and holding Power and VOL DOWN button.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your pc and, if it gets automatically turned ON then you are good to go. In case it doesn’t get turned ON, then you should try below steps.
  4. Go to the iCloud and then Devices. Select your iPhone from the list displayed and tap on remove account.
  5. At the end head over to the iTunes, do the full restore.

Now, this issue should be fixed. Enjoy your iPhone device without that shitty black screen spinning issue. If you like the post don’t forget to share it.

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