Guide To Download PDF Files On Chrome Browser

Guide To Download PDF Files On Chrome Browser

Guide To Download PDF Files On Chrome BrowserGoogle Chrome the most popular browser as compared to other browsers. Comes with tons of add-ons, extensions. As long as numbers are concerned Google Chrome has a 66% market share followed by Mozilla Firefox has an 11% market share. Today all almost all browsers have the PDF file support. It can be viewed in the browser by built-in settings or by using some add-ons. Google Chrome supports PDF files viewing and downloading built-in. This feature will enable you to view PDF files directly on your browser without downloading it. But if you want to download the PDF files On Chrome Browser then follow below steps.

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As we already know Chrome opens the PDF file rather than downloading it. So we have to make some settings on Chrome to download PDF files On Chrome Browser. There is the option in Chrome to disable automatically opening of PDF files on Chrome. On Mozilla, PDF files can be downloaded. On Chrome, after opening the PDF files you can select SAVE AS for downloading the PDF file. but if you want to download directly PDF file then follow the steps.

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Download PDF Files On Chrome Browser:

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser on your desktop. Click on TOP RIGHT corner 3 dots and click on SETTINGS.
  2. Scroll below and find ADVANCED and expand the ADVANCED settings. Look for Privacy and security section.
  3. In Privacy and Security, there are content settings.
  4. Click on content settings.
  5. There is the option of PDF documents click on that option.
  6. Turn ON Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome.

Now, you can download PDF files on Chrome Browser directly without opening it. If you like the post don’t forget to share it!!

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