How To Create Fake Screenshots Of Everything (Conversations)

How To Create Fake Screenshots Of Everything (Conversations)

How To Create Fake Screenshots Of Everything (Conversations)So, every day we see some of the memes of conversations and some jokes about them. Some of them feel legit but some are just too much, they are the fake conversations. If you are meme page admin this post is really useful for you. 😀 Also, if you want someone to feel jealous you can do that too. We here got the best fake conversations sites which are really useful. So follow the post How To Create Fake Screenshots Of Everything (Conversations).

  1. Fake Whatsapp Conversations

The most popular messaging app WhatsApp, here WhatsApp fake conversations can be done. The app name is WhatsAid developed by an XDA developer TOMMYBBEE.  Here just install the app upload a picture and start the fake conversations. Easy As F right :D. Here are some of the screenshots of the app.

2. Fake Twitter Messages And Tweets:

A site named SIMITATOR will provide the fake twitter messages and tweets. You just need to enter the name, information and other stuff to get the fake conversations. Also, the fake tweets can be generated with this Fake Twitter messages and tweets SITE.

3. Fake Facebook Conversations:

Facebook is widely used social media platform. So obviously there will be fake conversations. You can create the fake conversations very easily on this site. You need login with a facebook account to start making fake messages and conversations. Then you can create fake screenshots of everything.

4. Fake Siri Conversations:

In some cases you want to make memes or just some fun of SIRI, then here is the fake conversations of SIRI can be made. You just need to enter the messages you want to fake in the box and hit the create fake On ifakesiri. You can type anything in the boxes and just click on create your Siri conversations.

5. Fake iPhone convos:

The iFakeText provides the free iPhone fake conversations. Just type the images in line 1,2 as per your choice. This is very useful tool cause on iPhone there is no such app for fake conversations compared to Android. So you can create fake conversations iPhone type text messages by using this tool.

Screenshot 1 - How To Create Fake Screenshots Of Everything (Conversations)

6. Fake Airline Ticket:

This is really a fun way to prank your friends with a fake airline ticket. You can set any airline ticket as per your choice. Its really look a way original and a great way to prank with your friends. So why waiting to go ahead and have some fun. You can create fake Airline ticket here.

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