Best 2 MacOS Like Docks for Windows 10 Operating System

Best 2 MacOS Like Docks for Windows 10 Operating System

MacOS Like Dock for Windows 10Bored with the Windows 10 docks? or just like the MacOS docks more? So here is the 2 best software from which you can use MacOS Like Docks For Windows 10.  These docks work really great if you want a new look for your PC or laptop then this two software is the best choice. So follow the post, Best 2 MacOS Like Docks for Windows 10 Operating System. Rocket dock and WinStep Nexus dock.

  1. Rocket Dock

Rocket dock is most popularly used for dock customization software. It has simple options and they are easy to use. Though its development is not going on well. But still, its pretty basic features included Rocket dock software. It has the ability to change some of the icons, changing the position of dock whether it behind or front. One more thing it can adjust the quality of icons but this will depend on your hardware.

Rocket Dock - Best 2 MacOS Like Docks for Windows 10 Operating System

Animations are smooth and are great. I suggest you do not change the animations these are already good. Rocket dock doesn’t seem like its an extra added feature, it gets familiar with the OS.  There are tons of themes available for rocket dock on the internet. Get the skins from Rocket Dock own website. You can download the Rocket Dock from below link.

2. Winstep Nexus Dock

Winstep Nexus dock is another dock customization software. It is not simple like the Rocket Dock but it has many features you can check it too. It has so many features available but you will skip them. so it’s not that friendly type like the rocket dock. But if you are willing to try out every feature it will be a great deal for you.

Winstep Nexus - Best 2 MacOS Like Docks for Windows 10 Operating System

WinStep Nexus dock includes everything that rocket docks have. From themes to skins everything is included. Of course, all this will come for a price. But fortunately, it has free versions too. So you can try out them. Below is the download link for WinStep Nexus Dock.

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